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About Cindy:

Cindy believes that by balancing the body as a whole and nourishing it from the inside as well as the outside, anyone can achieve beautiful, healthy skin. She thoroughly enjoys taking advanced  education courses that reflect her philosophies of maximizing skin health through natural therapies.  Cindy’s education along with her strong sense of caring about each individual client and their intentions has allowed her to offer a unique experience to those seeking natural solutions for skin wellness.

Skin Therapies & Massage with Gemstones
Organic vs. Toxic Skincare
Nutrition and the Esthetician
Skin Detoxification & Nutrition
Exotic Facials for Hands and Feet
Cosmetic Vs. Medical Exfoliants
Thai Facial and Body Treatments
Aesthetic Skin Manipulations

Integrate Holistic Skin Care Treatments into Spa Services
Oncology Skin Therapeutics

 If you have further questions about Nurturing Your Nature skin health therapies for a natural, beautiful you, please be sure to check out our FAQs page. 

Thank you for visiting Nurturing Your Nature, please let me know if I can answer any of your skincare questions if you don’t find what you need on my website.  You may ask questions not found on the FAQs page in the form below – or I’m always happy to schedule a coaching session for helping you design your optimal natural skincare regime!”

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-Cindy Liebman, LE

Holistic Skin Health Coach


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