Foot & Leg Program

An ancient oriental method to promote healing of the mind and body

Submerge your tired feet into a copper bowl filled with herbal infused water & healing salts to soften dead skin cells, relieve stress and increase circulation. Warm neck and a cup of seasonal tea will help release tension from your day . Allow 30mins. $40; Series of 3 ($100)


This specialized soak is for those who have need relief from devitalized health symptoms ie. heavy legs, edema, neuropathy or swelling. Your specific needs will be addressed and a customized treatment will be determined for lower legs and feet. Safe and beneficial for pregnant mamas. Allow 45mins. $65; Series of 3 ($165)


Your foot soak is unique to specific Herbal Teas and Clays that correspond to the five seasons. Support your skin and body as it transitions from one season to the next.  Your soak is beneficial when added to your Seasonal Wellness Program or solely.  Allow 45mins. $65; Series of 3 ($165)foot soaks raleigh

Foot Soak Contraindications: Diabetics and people with hypertension should consult with their doctor before using any heat hydrotherapies, but do well with cool to tepid herbal infusions. Individuals with paralysis, neuropathy, or other conditions that impair the nerve endings and cause reduced sensation should take hydrotherapy treatments only under the guidance of a trained therapist. It is recommended that the temperature of the water to be cool or room temperature in order to prevent burning. Certain essential oils should not be used by pregnant or nursing wonem or by people with specific illnesses or physical conditions. If this pertains to you, please inform your therapist before starting treatment with any essential oil.