Offering the most organic natural hair removal solutions in Raleigh.

A healthy lifestyle and diet is key when practicing proper skin care. Nurturing Your Nature is a natural skin care solutions company, located in Raleigh, that specializes in treatments such as Natural Hair Removal, Seasonal Wellness Therapies, Abdominal Therapy and Reflexology. Cindy Liebman is the owner of Nurturing Your Nature, and her face and body therapies are customized using earth elements such as herbs, salts, clays that work perfectly with the flow of natural changes that occur with the seasons. Your skin will respond beautifully to nature’s toolbox to repair, restore, and renew. In keeping with all natural ingredients, her hair removal product is sugar from Alexandria Professional Sugaring. Many of today’s popular products use chemicals and synthetic ingredients that cause inflammation and ultimately aging to the skin. Cindy gives personal attention and takes time to get to know her clients’ skincare regime, diet, and lifestyle. 

Walk in as a client and leave as a friend.

Body Sugaring is the most efficient and completely safe way for natural hair removal in Raleigh. Sugaring is an incredible technique where sugar is spread on with a gloved hand in the opposite direction of hair growth. Since it is completely made from natural ingredients, it is accepted by the skin which allows it to seep down and wrap around the hair follicle. The next step includes flicking it off in the natural direction of the hair growth, allowing it to extract the  entire hair with bulb attached and eliminate breakage and ingrown hairs. This process can be performed on hair as short as ¼”. Removal of the hair in the early growth stage, along with regularly scheduled visits will lead to permanent hair reduction. Your skin will be smooth and hair free!

Some helpful tips to make your first experience a good one are:

  • Trim your hair down to 1/2″ before your appointment to avoid pulling as the sugar is molded. (you can shave about 7- 10 days before)
  • Gently exfoliate with scrub 2-3 days prior your appointment, skipping the day before.
  • Bananas are a natural analgesic, so eat one 30 mins. before coming or take an ibuprofen.
  • Lastly, try to relax and know that you are in good hands- it’s not as bad as you think!

Nurturing Your Nature also offers ear candling, eyebrow design and tinting, and LED Light Therapy. The Restoration Program includes a portable LED panel with visible red/blue/infrared light penetrates human tissue at a depth of 8-10mm. After the light is absorbed by the cells the process of tissue repair and skin restoration begins. These natural hair removal Raleigh treatments and organic products are guaranteed to get you the results you are seeking, naturally!  Schedule an appointment now!

Price List: Ladies                                                                                        Price List; Men

Arms Half: $35; Full:  $45                                                                     Shoulders: $30

Bikini Line 1st Time:  $45; Maintenance:  $35                                  Torso: Upper Half $45; Full $60

Brazilian 1st Time:  $65; Maintenance:  $55                                      Unibrow: $10

Chin $15; Jaw Line $20                                                                          Stomach: $25

Eyebrow Design: $25; Clean up:  $15                                                Neck front and back: $25

Full Face Ladies:  $50                                                                         Nose & Ears: $15

Lip: $10                                                                                                  Arms Upper: $35

Legs Ladies: Half:  $45; Full:  $75

Neck/Hair line $18

Full Stomach ; $25 Happy Trail: $10

Underarms: $25


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