Bring the feet to life and the body will follow.

Foot Reflexology has its origins in ancient oriental massage. Reflex points correspond to various organs and structures in the body. Massaging in a gentle circular stroke or direct pressure will break up crystal-like deposits around the reflex points. This promotes optimal organ and nerve function, as well as increasing lymphatic and circulatory flow and relaxation of the body. Cindy is a certified Integrative Reflexologist specially trained by Claire Marie Miller, a leader in the field. Integrative Reflexology creates deep relaxation and holistic healing. This is one of the many services that Nurturing Your Nature provides.

Here are some of the other services we offer:

  • Skin Therapies & Massage with Gemstones
  • Reflexology
  • Sugaring Hair Epilation
  • Belly Packs
  • Eyebrow Design and Tinting
  • Oncology Skin Therapeutics

As of now there is no convincing evidence that reflexology is effective for any medical condition. Although this is not a substitute for medical treatment, it does improve healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging the flow of blood.  Much like the natural hair removal process, a complete therapy session uses many different techniques. The session may include feet, hands or ears depending on your needs. 

Nurturing Your Nature offers everything from facial Aesthetic skin manipulations to Oncology Skin Therapeutics. Even though Reflexology is extremely safe, a consultation with a reflexologist is recommended in order to determine the safety and appropriateness of this therapy for a specific health problem or condition.

Allow 45 mins. $65. Add to Foot Soak 30 mins. $40. Foot, Hand & Ear Reflexology 90 mins. $120.

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