Reparative Support Program

summergirl5Seasonal Wellness Therapies


Five therapies and seasonal wellness products designed to support your skin body as it transitions from the freshness of Spring into the heated energy of Summer.

Tea & Conversation and Facial Hydrotherapy– This therapy includes enjoying De La Terre’s Herb Rich Tea for internal wellness and restful sleep. Your facial therapy will help your skin by providing strengthening and protection to the skin from external irritants.

Abdominal Skin Therapy– This is a relaxing therapy which will aid in the release of waste and toxins through the lymphatic system. Your skin will be nourished with hydrotherapy and pressure point massage.

DLTS Protection Skin Therapy– Your facial therapy utilizes herbal ingredients like cleavers, broccoli, reishi mushrooms and red raspberry to prompt your skin to protect itself and diffuse the energy of the sun while still allowing the absorption of vitamin D.

Amazonite Gemstone Therapy– This cooling facial therapy will clear heat, brighten and even skin tone with herbs like lemon balm, palmarosa and turmeric along with the energies from amazonite crystal massage.

Natural Cooling Skin Therapy– Calming herbs are used to soothe and relieve vulnerable skin while providing needed hydrating moisture. Your skin is infused with a protective barrier to withstand the elements.

Seasonal Wellness Products

Skin symptoms associated with the Summer Season include the following:
  • Dilation to blood vessels
  • Swelling
  • Hives, or hot skin eruptions
  • Increase in oxidative stress


Sun Diffuser – 2 oz
Broccoli – Produces network of protective enzymes that defend against cellular oxidative stress
Reishi Mushroom – Inhibits disturbance to melanin production
Red Raspberry – Diffuses the energy of the sun while allowing the skin to synthesize vitamin D
Vital Repair Balm – .5 oz
Calendula – Reduces inflammation
Meadowfoam – Delivers oxidative stability
Comfrey – Provides protective barrier

Product Kit sold separately without the Program- $65.


Schedule your first appointment to begin your Seasonal Wellness Program and receive your complimentary Seasonal Wellness Products at this time. It is suggested to drink Supports Herbal Wellness Tea to support internal health (purchase separately). Let your journey to Summer skin health begin!

Program including 5 therapies and De La Terre products offered at $450. Payments can split into 1/2 or 1/3  if preferred.