Restorative Support Program

summergirl1Seasonal Wellness Program


Five therapies and seasonal wellness products designed to support your skin body as it transitions from the Heated Energy of Summer into the Calm Balance of Late Summer.

Tea & Conversation and Facial Hydrotherapy– This therapy includes enjoying De La Terre’s Herb Rich Tea for grounding and balancing one’s sense of wellbeing. Your facial therapy will help your skin by providing cell renewal to fatigued skin cells and encouraging production of new cells.

Abdominal Skin Therapy– This is a relaxing therapy which will gently cleanse and detoxify the skin through the lymphatic system. Your skin will be nourished with hydrotherapy and pressure point massage.

Natural Skin Restorative Therapy– Your facial therapy is designed to reduce puffiness, heal and nourish from over exposure to sun and elements. This facial will lighten and brighten your complexion.

Septarian Gemstone Therapy– Transform your skin by letting go of what is not serving it.  This facial therapy will boost skin’s immune response. Serum wih pressed Acai, Rosehips and Helichrysum is massaged into the skin with the energy of  Septarian Crystal massge wands to heal and regenerate skin cells.

Restorative Wellbeing Therapy– Soothe sunburns, eczema, and rashes with  herbs such as Raspberry, Self Heal, Chamomile and Comfrey in this facial to speed up skin’s healing process. Your skin is infused with a protective barrier to withstand the elements.

Seasonal Wellness Products

De La Terre Skincare Rescues Wellness Tea

Self Heal-Makes the body whole again both inward and outward

Raspberry-Lessens inflammation of the mucous membrane

Roses-Speeds up skin’s healing process


De La Terre Skincare Rescues Wounded Skin Serum

Acai-Reduces oxidative stress to skin cells

Rosehips-Regenerates skin cells, healing injured skin

Helichrysum- Promotes cell health


Complimentary with purchase of Wellness Program/ or Available separately – $40.


Schedule your first appointment to begin your Seasonal Wellness Program and receive your complimentary Seasonal Wellness Products at this time. It is suggested to drink De La Terre Skincare Rescues Herbal Wellness Tea to support internal health (purchase separately). Let your journey to Late Summer skin health begin!

Program including 5 therapies and De La Terre products offered at $450. Payments can split into 1/2 or 1/3  if preferred.