Purification Program


A Holistic Approach to Skin Purification


Five therapies and seasonal wellness products designed to support your skin and body as it transitions from the Calm Balance of Late Summer into the Purifying Transformation of Autumn

Seasonal Wellness Therapies

De La Terre Skincare

  • Mucosal Purification Therapy.-Tea & conversation, inhalation therapy, facial hydrotherapy
  • Lymphatic Purification Therapy-Abdominal therapy to stimulate digestive system& enhance lymphatic activity.
  • Skin Purifying Therapy-Salt skin therapy to eliminate toxins and increase circulation.
  • Zebradorite Gemstone Therapy-Gemstone facial massage to increase circulation and supports “letting go and self-acceptance”.
  • Natural Exfoliation Therapy-Enzymatic therapy to release skin of unwanted dead skin cells, reduce harmful bacteria and enhance surface ecology with pre-biotics.


Seasonal Wellness Products

Fall Into Wellness

De La Terre Skincare’s
Natural Skin Detoxification System
Skin symptoms associated with the Autumn Season include the following:
  • Skin rashes
  • Skin blemishes
  • FlakinessFall
Herb Rich Cleanser – 2 oz
Lemon Balm – Diminishes inflammation due to detoxification
Astragalus – Increases skin metabolism, stamina, and vitality
Soap Bark – Naturally cleanses surface impurities, while leaving skin fresh and renewed
Herb Rich Clay Purifies Skin – 1.5 oz
Rice Bran – Releases unwanted dead skin cells
Chickweed – Soothes itching due to detox
Triphala – Removes impurities
Available Offering: $60 or Complimentary with your Seasonal Wellness Program



Schedule your first appointment to begin your Seasonal Wellness Program and receive your Seasonal Wellness Products complimentary at this time. It is suggested to drink Purifies Herbal Wellness Tea to support your internal health (purchase separately).  Let your journey to skin wellness begin!

Program including 5 therapies and De La Terre products offered at $450. Payments can split into 1/2 or 1/3  if preferred.