Immune Support Program


A Holistic Approach to Immune Support 


Five therapies and health & wellness products  designed to support your skin and body during the Inward Healing of Autoimmunity. Relieve respiratory disturbances, increase body’s immune response, reduce inflammation and protect raw, exposed skin are a few of the many benefits your will experience during your winter therapies.

 De La Terre Skincare Health & Wellness Therapies

  • Mucosal Immune Therapy-Tea & conversation, inhalation therapy, facial hydrotherapy.
  • Lymphatic Immune Therapy-Lymph & immune abdominal pack to support digestive and boost immune response.
  • Leg & Foot Therapy- (optional) to enhance circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxing and soothing…enjoy a warm cup of Comforts Wellness Tea and a warm herbal neck wrap while purifying botanicals, herbal teas and clays rejuvenate and refresh!  $65.
  • Barrier Protection Therapy-Vital repair skin protection to soothe irritated skin and provide protection for skin healing.
  • Amethyst Gemstone Therapy– Gemstone facial massage to improve skin hydration & respiration. Reduce eczema conditions, induce restful sleep & reinforce tranquility.
  • Moisture Enhancement Therapy-Enhance moisture barrier & circulation of lymph and blood.

 De La Terre Skincare Health & Wellness Products

Comforts Imflammed Mist

Lemon Balm-Retrains edema from inflammation

Lavender-Reduces redness and irritation

Palmarosa-Supports immune defense cells

Vital Repair Balm

Calendula-Reduces inflammation and prototes skin healing

Marshmallow-Soothes raw and inflamed skin

Comfrey-Provides a protective barrier from irritants


Schedule your first appointment to begin your Seasonal Wellness Program and receive your Health & Wellness products complimentary. It is suggested to drink the Seasonal Wellness Tea for internal benefits (purchase separately).

Program offered for $450. Payments are accepted in full, split 1/2 or 1/3 for your convenience.

Let your journey to Winter Skin Wellness begin!