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Skin Health & Wellness
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Virtual Sessions

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Facial Therapy

De La Terre Skincare developed the most sought after holistic facial skin therapies. Utilizing the companies’ highly effective skin care formulas, skin is bathed with pure botanical infusions improving skin physically and energetically boosting overall health.

Wellness Programs

Foot and Leg Program

De La Terre Skincare’s Foot & Leg Therapies revive skin energy by alleviating dry, scaly skin, swelling, and sore muscles. Highly beneficial to relieve symptoms related to heavy legs syndrome, neuropathy, and stiff joints. Promotes overall wellbeing!

Abdominal Program

Abdominal Relief Program is for individuals who crave vibrant health while needing to reduce swelling due to pregnancy, medication, lymphedema, surgery, & stress.

Natural Supportive Body Therapy

De La Terre Skincare’s Natural Body Care Therapy delivers a balanced recovery by supporting the body’s ability to repair and heal. Total tonic for health, this full body skin treatment is another stop closer to achieving wellness.


About us

Your complexion is a window to your internal health. My belief is that beautiful skin radiates from the inside when balance is achieved. By nurturing your body inside with whole foods, positive mindsets, keeping stress at bay as well as providing nutrient rich products from mother earth to nourish the outside- will bring balance, wellness and beauty.