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What is a “Abdominal Therapy” and what is it not?  This is not a weight loss or water loss wrap. Abdominal Therapy or as I like to call it – Belly Pack, is a healing modality that allows the body to release toxins through the lymphatic system. This therapy is most beneficial when applied in a series of treatments scheduled in short period of time. It is recommended to set up a schedule of 2 belly packs per week for a 3 week period. The maintenance afterward is one belly pack per month to maintain results. How does it work? This method of detoxification allows the body to  release toxicity in a gradual manner and prompting the body into self-regulation. We have lymph nodes throughout our bodies, with the majority being in the gastrointestinal system. Your gut is where we need to go to get the lymph moving! Belly Packs consist of herbal compounds and clays, which are applied directly to the skin, covering the entire abdominal area.  A specific mixture of herbs will be chosen depending on effect you are wanting and will be determined at your consultation. This herbal/clay pack will  provide nutritional support and prompt lymph flow. While the pack is working  on your belly, you will experience total relaxation as your receive a facial pressure point massage, allowing your body to release excess energy. Benefits can include reduced bloating, abdominal pain & swelling. The belly will appear more sculpted as a side benefit, but the primary advantage is a more rhythmic lymph flow.

Here’s what clients are saying about Abdominal Therapy….

“I can eat food that I could not eat before with my IBS…”

“I dropped a dress size 3 months after a series of 6 belly packs…” 

“This helped my arm lymphedema when doctors could do nothing to help it after my mastectomy more than 20 years ago…”

“I felt more focused at work afterwards and even a co-worker noticed that I handled situations more calmly…”

“Getting my body into self-regulation helped me to lose over 65lbs that I had gained and kept on since my chemotherapy many years ago…”

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