Eyebrow Design

Eyebrows bring balance and shape to not only your eyes, but to your entire face. They have a role in communication and facial expression. Anastasia Soare was the first person to figure out how to measure out ideal proportions for brows and has become the go-to specialist for top celebrities.



I use her Golden Ratio to first measure the brows, stencils and mineral powder to fill in and give them the perfect shape,arch and fullness. Then, finally sugar them to perfection! Since brows are a major feature in defining your face, I will teach you how to use the Anastasia tools at home to keep them looking best they can be everyday!

Closeup of a young beautiful woman.

For those of you with very fair hair or that can use a little darkening, brow tinting is also available! ~$10.

Allow 15 minutes in addition to your facial time.

$15. per set of brows.

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