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  1. 3 Easy Steps to condition your skin and dramatically enhance your skin’s vibrancy.

    HERB RICH SERUM – Concentrated Therapy
    Herb Rich Serum’s sheer viscosity brings balance to skin conditions that are struggling to regain health
    After cleansing apply 2-3 drops over entire face, decollate/chest. For best results apply after a generous application of Herb Rich Mist

    HERB RICH CREAM – Essential Healer
    To further condition skin and enhance moisture levels apply Herb Rich Cream alone or over Herb Rich Serum

    HERB RICH BALM – Barrier Protection
    To provide deep conditioning apply a thin veil of Herb Rich Balm over entire face as a mask 2-3X a week
    May be applied to areas that need extra care, such as eyes, lips, or raw inflamed skin

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