Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature - Cindy Liebman

My journey in esthetics started in 2006, when I partnered with a practitioner who had an eastern approach to skincare. I first learned to look at skin as an organ that is part of a system and the importance of plant based ingredients that can communicate with the skin and improve conditions. I began to seek out continuing classes that supported this theory. At the same time, I took a position in a medical office and followed a protocol of lasers and chemical treatments. I saw the effects of aggressive treatments causing “controlled damage” and prolonged inflammation of the skin. These “anti-aging” facials were causing stress, leading to attrition of cells and ultimately aging!

I wanted to promote my philosophy and use the products that I believed in and used on my own skin, so in the Spring of 2012, I opened Nurturing Your Nature. The appearance of your organ is reflective of your physical and emotional health and I take this into consideration when helping you with your skincare needs. My commitment is to bring recovery to skin that is need of repair whether it from harsh ingredients and treatments or health conditions leading to skin issues. I’ve offered a number of services to address all of your skincare needs; from facials, to programs for face and body that provide a comprehensive approach. I am excited to offer body therapies that are designed to deliver a balanced recovery of entire body systems. Other modalities besides skincare that support heath and wellness are reflexology, wellness tea & conversation, ear candling and inhalation therapy. I invite you to step in a calm destination & allow youself to slow down, take a breath, energize & achieve wellness.