Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature - Cindy Liebman

My journey in esthetics started in 2006, when I partnered with a practitioner who had an eastern approach to skincare. I first learned to look at skin as an organ that is part of a system and the importance of plant based ingredients that can communicate with the skin and improve conditions. I began to seek out continuing classes that supported this theory. At the same time, I took a position in a medical office and followed a protocol of lasers and chemical treatments. I saw the effects of aggressive treatments causing “controlled damage” and prolonged inflammation of the skin. These “anti-aging” facials were causing stress, leading to attrition of cells and ultimately aging! I wanted to promote my philosophy and use the products that I believed in and used on my own skin, so in the Spring of 2012, I opened Nurturing Your Nature. The appearance of your organ is reflective of your physical and emotional health and I take this into consideration when helping you with your skincare needs. My commitment is to bring recovery to skin that is need of repair whether it from harsh ingredients and treatments or health conditions leading to skin issues. I offer a number of services to address all of your skincare needs; from facials, to programs for face and body that provide a comprehensive approach. I am excited to offer body therapies that are designed to deliver a balanced recovery of entire body systems. Other modalities besides skincare that support heath and wellness are reflexology, wellness tea & conversation, ear candling and inhalation therapy. I invite you to step in a calm destination & allow youself to slow down, take a breath, energize & achieve wellness.



Born & raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina I’m happy to call this area home. As a mother of three, my passion for helping others started early on in my life. That passion led me into the esthetics field where I can use my nurturing side to help ensure all clients receive a quality experience. I believe strongly in the power of a positive spirit and I bring that to work with me every day. My role at Nurturing Your Nature will be to offer you all of your body sugaring needs. Trained and Certified with Alexandria Professional, I am excited to share this gentler method of hair removal in a calm, relaxing space that Nurturing Your Nature provides.

Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature
Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature

I am a Raleigh native and enjoy being in this ever changing city. Having “retired “ from 22 years of teaching in 2015, I am excited to be a member of the Nurturing Your Nature staff as the Office Manager. I love meeting and being around people and helping them in anyway I can ~ making this the perfect job for me! I look forward to seeing you at your appointments ~ serving you tea or helping you with your product needs.


I was first introduced to Reiki 16 years ago when I came to know my mentor and Reiki Master, Liz Velasquez, the owner and founder of The Heart Center, A Healing Place. We began to work together and found that with my psychology therapy background and her healing modalities, we could reach people on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. Liz saw my potential to also reach people on this spiritual level and have a comprehensive approach. By bringing together medical and emotional therapies it would create a healthy balance. This idea was new to me and I took some time to let it manifest. A few years ago, I went back to The Heart Center to receive my first Reiki session that changed my perception and my path. I felt called by my spiritual guides that invited me to practice Reiki, and so began my training. I am certified in levels l & ll and continue to work toward my Masters.
Reiki opened my eyes and changes the way I look at daily situations. It provides what I need to balance emotions, guilt and/or feel victim and to minimize judgement of others. Reiki gives me confidence to lead a happy and healthy life. It gives me great pleasure to share my gift of Reiki with you so that you can experience your own unique journey that will lead you to a more balanced, healthy self.

Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature


I grew up in Cary, NC, and my new husband and I just recently moved to the North Raleigh area after attending NC State University. Skincare became a fascination of mine a few years ago, and I’m always open to finding a great new product to add into my routine. It’s been amazing to work in such a calming environment where I can be so immersed in my hobby! I look forward to greeting you as you come in, offering you some wellness tea, and helping to answer any & all of your questions.



Bodie is our therapy dog. He likes to gently greet you when you arrive and may lean in for a pet. I am so grateful to a client who first told me about a weekend foster program which led to finding our beloved new family member. Bodie was rescued from Saving Grace Animal Shelter in the summer of 2017, he is about 3 years old and the most calm and loving dog I’ve known. If you have pet allergies or aversions to Bodie, just let me know and I will put him in the back room.

Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature