Frequently Asked Questions

Why are facials necessary and how often should I get a facial?

This is a question that I get all the time.  It’s important to think of a facial as taking care of the largest organ of your body. Your skin is your first line of defense against injury and against toxins that we come into contact with everyday. Because we live in a technologically advanced world with abundant chemicals & pollution in the air we breathe, products we use, clothes we wear and foods we eat,  skin health has changed. Skin used to fluctuate between normal, dry and oily and now many people suffer from sensitized, inflamed, cystic acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmented skin conditions. Manipulating the skin during a facial with various massage techniques will help the body to rid itself of trapped toxins in the skin.  Massage also increases blood flow and cellular oxygenation which can improve many skin conditions.   Leaving your “stuff” at the door and stepping into a  peaceful experience  will allow your body to return to a restful, balanced state  which  will renew and contribute to overall health.  Finally, the natural products that are used in your treatment are essential for calming, supplementing and balancing skin health. I recommend that clients come in for treatments every four to six weeks.

Why don’t I have microdermabrasion or chemical peels on my menu?

Our skin’s function is to provide protection to our bodies and act as a physical barrier to our environment. The structure of the epidermis (outer layer) of the skin, has a few lines of defense. One being hair, then a layer of sebum (oil), and keratinocyte cells which produces a protein called keratin. It gives our skin resistance to daily wear and tear and makes skin waterproof, keeping moisture protected in the skin.  You may be surprised to know that our epidermis is the thickness of a sheet of paper. Also, the dermis (true skin under our epidermis) layer thins at a rate of 1.5- 2% every year after the age of 35.  Knowing this is why I don’t believe in thinning the skin further with microderm or peels which will disrupt and remove your protective layer, leaving your skin vulnerable to toxins and bacteria among other harmful invaders.  Microderm and peels also results in loss of moisture and creates free radical damage- all leading to aging skin. My approach is to keep the outer layer intact and use gentle plant based enzymes to carefully slough off  only the dead skin cells.  I use natural products that create a healthy environment that skin will respond to by repairing and rebuilding itself.  We all want to age gracefully and therefore should move away from removing layers of skin to creating long-term changes that will allow us to look the best we can be.

What should I use at home in between facials?

The products you use daily will have a big impact on how your skin looks. Are they merely cleaning dirt and makeup off or are they actually benefiting your skin in some way? During your consultation, we will talk about your skin care goals, what you are currently using at home and how they are helping or not helping. I will have suggestions for home care that will keep your skin feeling great and also prepare it for upcoming facial treatments. There is no pressure to buy products, I will educate you on ingredients and what to look for and what to avoid in products and it may surprise you to know that you may even have an item in your pantry that will be beneficial!

How long should my hair be that I wish to have sugared and how do I prepare for my hair removal?

An advantage of sugar over wax is that you don’t have to grow your hair out as long. Hair only needs to be 1/4″ to 1/2″. It’s actually better if it is a shorter length so it won’t pull as the sugar is molded onto the hair.  Check out my posts for more advantages of sugar over wax.  It is beneficial to gently exfoliate area to be sugared in the days in between treatments and then stopping the day before and the day after.  If you are getting your bikini sugared, it’s more comfortable to come to your appointment dressed in loose clothing and wearing white or light colored underwear so as not to irritate your skin afterward.  Also, it’s recommended to soak in dead sea or Epsom salts after your appointment to keep the open follicles clean.

Is sugaring painful?

Let’s get real, ripping hair out by the root is not painless. BUT, the good news is that sugaring is less painful than wax. The reason being that it is applied against the hair growth and extracted out in the natural direction of hair growth. This is the opposite of the way hair is waxed which gets pulled out against the direction of hair growth. Going with the direction of hair growth will also minimize ingrown hairs. Another reason why sugar is less painful is that it only pulls dead skin cells as it is removed, whereas; wax will pull living skin which leaves skin sore and raw. The first appointment is always the worst, then hair will thin out with each appointment. Less hair, less sensation. Hair will also have memory with regular appointments and release easier. Try to avoid making an appointment the week before or week of your “cycle” when sensitivities are heightened. Eating a banana has been said to be a natural pain killer, so eat 2 bananas before coming in for that first brazilian!

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