Sun Savvy Secrets for Summer

1. The sun’s intensity is directly related to the angle it is hitting you. Lying flat at noon means that the surface exposed is getting the highest intensity of sun rays. This is true for the shoulders and scalp when standing When standing, the nose and declotte’ are going to get more sun if they are more horizontal than other body parts. The more horizontal to the sun, the more intense the inflammation at the skin level. Try to keep track of which parts of your body are getting excess or more intense sun and wear a hat or shirt accordingly.

2. Immune health is a direct determinant to how long you can stay in the sun safely. Get to know where your body is at and always keep the food you are eating and the alcohol you are drinking in mind when choosing to sunbathe. Some of the biggest instant immunosuppressors are hormones in meat and dairy. If you are using UV Neutralizer (internal sunblock from Osmosis) on vacation at an all-inclusive, you may want to do a test with normal sunscreen again (leaving one area exposed) to see if you are immunocompromised by their food along with starting slow on your sun exposure in the first days of vacation. Yes it is possible that you could handle sun last year without issue only to find that this year, your system is weaker and you have to moderate sun exposure more.

3. Pay attention to the UV Index. There are areas around the globe that have higher intensity sun. Anything over 12 is a reason to moderate your sun bathing to non-peak hours. (The UV Index for Raleigh, NC is 9) If that is unavoidable, then secondary sun protection is recommended.

4. Be smart. The sun is more intense than it has been in our lifetimes. Our skin is designed to handle modest sun exposure when completely healthy. It is very hard to be completely healthy in today’s toxic environment. Don’t put yourself in a position where you don’t have easy access to shade if you can help it.

5. Sun sensitivity is a real and growing problem. A majority of prescription medications, including birth control pills, lower your ability to heal sun damage and therefore make sunscreens less effective.