Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature - cindy liebman

“I absolutely love my clients.  I really love getting to know them and what it is that can best help them reach their goals.  It really is a great pleasure to serve them and an honor to have such a great group of loyal clients whom I call ‘friends’. 

I really truly love my job!”  



– Cindy Liebman, Owner of Nurturing Your Nature

What The Clients Are Saying:

“Cindy has a gift for creating a beautifully calm healing space. I always looked forward to my appointments and would linger just to relax a few minutes more before heading out. The services I received were always better than I had hoped – Cindy has a perfect combination of skill with a gentle touch. On top of her attentive aesthetic talents, she is well read in healing the body naturally. The products I used from her shop have become regular care products in my collection. Enjoy!”

– Alicia, Raleigh

“I have been a client of Cindy’s for over 5 years. I appreciate the knowledge,the care, and the professionalism that she showed me every visit. We developed a friendship over time and she always made me feel comfortable with services given. She’s going to be missed in the Raleigh area that’s for sure. Anyone who takes the time to become a client of Cindy’s will not be disappointed. All the very best.”

-June, Raleigh

“Just a quick thank you for such a special facial. You gave me so much time and attention and I truly felt very pampered: even Alan, that never notices much about my looks, remarked that my face looked better. Thank you very much.”

-Alma, Raleigh

“Cindy is a very caring person who puts me at ease right away. Her facials relieve my stress, making me relaxed the rest of the day. I never cared for facials before I came to see Cindy, because I was so sensitive to the perfume smells I had experienced at other businesses. Now I love to treat myself! All of Cindy’s products are organically based. I especially love the smell of the natural teas.”

– Elaine, Raleigh

“I have been a client of Cindy’s at Nurturing Your Nature for over 6 years now. In that time, not only has she helped me with my wellness and skincare journey, but she has also become a friend. She is so knowledgeable about anything wellness related and I learned so much in these 6 years. She truly puts her clients first and has taken such great care of me and my wellness/skincare routine. I cannot recommend Cindy enough for all of her insights, her caring personality and how well she treats all her clients.”

-Catherine, Raleigh

“Cindy’s facials are not just a treatment but a mind, body and soul experience. During the process she finds ways to connect all three – leaving you feeling replenished and rejuvenated. What I like most about her facials are the products she uses – I know that each product contains natural ingredients and are good for my skin. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and these products make my complexion look and feel healthy – I feel good knowing that they are not stripping away vital nutrients needed to keep me looking refreshed. If you are someone who cares about what goes on your skin and are looking for a relaxing experience then I would highly recommend Cindy’s facials!”

-Nicole A, Raleigh
“I have been a client of Cindy for the past 5+ years. I started as a Brazilian client – If you’ve ever had a Brazilian, you know you want to be completely comfortable with the person who is performing the service. From the moment I met Cindy, all of my fears and anxieties were calmed – I felt comfortable with her from minute 1 of meeting! I then started adding De La Terre therapies for my skin and overall health, and these services are worth their value in gold! I never feel more relaxed and at peace than during these therapies, and my skin / body responds very well to the products. Cindy always seems to know exactly what your body needs and always helps with a kindness and understanding that is unsurpassed.”
-Alli, Raleigh
“I have received sugaring and facial services at NYN for the past six years and it has always been such a positive experience. NYN provides the BEST facials I’ve ever had!! I not only walk out with refreshed skin that truly absorbs all the wonderful herb-rich nutrients my skin craves, but I also leave with an uplifted spirit! Cindy is a safe soul that has a gift for making others feel heard and seen. From start to finish, she provides the most calming, relaxing, clean, and refreshing experience. She listens attentively and addresses all of my skin concerns. I’ve even transitioned to using the fabulous skincare line Cindy uses during her sessions, DeLaTerre, which are literally formulated from healing plants and elements found in nature (and my skin has LOVED them). As a holistically-minded and wellness-conscious person, it has been nothing short of a blessing to have Nurturing Your Nature as a part of my journey to happy, healthy, glowing skin!”
-Alyssa, Raleigh
“I have seen Cindy for years and she is a true master of each and every one of her services! I have mostly seen her for sugaring and I can’t recommend her enough. Besides hair removal, over the years she has taught me so much about how to care for my body. If she cannot fix the problem or offer advice then she knows someone who can!”
-Lacy, Raleigh
“Cindy has been an AMAZING service provider, but even more importantly, a great friend. Every time I came, always a warm hug, an uplifting word, a hearty laugh, and of course, top notch sugaring! Her gift to anyone who has come to NYN is not just the services she provides to make us look and feel beautiful, but the gift to be connected and nurtured by her loving soul.”
-Myranda, Raleigh