Holistic Skin Care and Wellness in Raleigh NC - Nurturing your nature - cindy liebman

“I absolutely love my clients.  I really love getting to know them and what it is that can best help them reach their goals.  It really is a great pleasure to serve them and an honor to have such a great group of loyal clients whom I call ‘friends’. 

I really truly love my job!”  



– Cindy Liebman, Owner of Nurturing Your Nature

What The Clients Are Saying:

“Wow!  I feel rejuvenated!   That is how I feel after my natural facial with Cindy at Tea Thyme Facials.  Cindy uses all natural products that don’t cause the breakouts I have experienced after other facials.  This facial is not only a treat for me, it’s what my skin needs after years of sun abuse and aging.  Cindy takes the time to listen to your concerns and knows her products well, but doesn’t push selling the products.    I recommend Cindy to all my friends, and all agree, the best facial they have ever had!”

– Mary, Raleigh

“A facial with Cindy is like none that I have experienced before. The natural products are amazing and Cindy’s warmth and engaging personality enhance the facial experience so much.  I have seen increased elasticity and a younger glow in my skin through my personal skin requiem using De La Terre products and monthly facials with Cindy. Thanks for helping my skin look and feel younger than I am. I also have and will continue to recommend TeaThyme Facials to my friends.”

-Bonnie, Raleigh

“Just a quick thank you for such a special facial .. you gave me so much time and attention and I truly felt very pampered: even Alan, that never notices much about my looks, remarked that my face looked better.

Thank you very much.”

-Alma, Raleigh

“Cindy is a very caring person who puts me at ease right away. Her facials relieve my stress, making me relaxed the rest of the day. I never cared for facials before I came to see Cindy, because I was so sensitive to the perfume smells I had experienced at other businesses. Now I love to treat myself! All of Cindy’s products are organically based. I especially love the smell of the natural teas.”

– Elaine, Raleigh

“Cindy is the best! I’ve been going to TeaThyme Facials for sugaring services, for a number of months, and have found Cindy to be excellent. She has a professional, but warm manner and takes an interest in her client’s welfare. Sugaring is a great way to get rid of unwanted body hair, but it’s very gentle on the skin. She also has very reasonable prices and fantastic products. It goes without being said, she is truly talented, kind-hearted, and personable. I have very sensitive skin and was afraid to have anyone touch it. When I met Cindy, she instantly made me feel comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and explained what was happening to my skin, and what I needed to do to improve it. Thanks to her, I feel confident again! I highly recommend her.”

-Shea B, Raleigh

“I absolutely love going to Cindy.  She is both caring in work, but also is very knowledgable about all types of natural health, which is very important to me.  I was very surprised to find such a hidden treasure here in Raleigh who took such pride in her work as well as truly cared for my wellbeing.  I no longer have clogged ears thanks to the ear candling, and then even tried the light therapy for severe facial cysts.  I was so surprised at the amount of healing for such an aggressive case and her wonderful suggestions of the Osmosis line did the trick to prevent future breakouts.  I feel very confident in referring her anytime anyone asks for a  great skincare and her positive outlook is just a wonderful added bonus!”

-Helen R, Raleigh

Cindy’s facials are not just a treatment but a mind, body and soul experience. During the process she finds ways to connect all three – leaving you feeling replenished and rejuvenated. What I like most about her facials are the products she uses – I know that each product contains natural ingredients and are good for my skin. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and these products make my complexion look and feel healthy – I feel good knowing that they are not stripping away vital nutrients needed to keep me looking refreshed. If you are someone who cares about what goes on your skin and are looking for a relaxing experience then I would highly recommend Cindy’s facials!

 -Nicole A. Nance      Thank you Cindy Liebman for making my eyebrows look the best they have EVER looked. So happy I discovered her because she is an eyebrow artist/designer extraordinaire and is here in north Raleigh with her own little mini salon and very reasonable prices. Plus, she is just super cool and has a very healing energy about her. Click her link above if you want to schedule an incredible facial, eyebrows, and myriad other holistic treatments via Facebook. Thanks again, Cindy! -Suzanne, Raleigh     

After moving from the DC area, I was on a quest to find someone else who could provide quality, top-notch Brazilian body sugaring like my lady back in DC. More importantly, I wanted to someone who was using Alexandria products. After searching for several months online and coming across shops that had horrible reviews, I came across Nurture Your Nature and Cindy. Nervously, I called and made an appointment. The day of my appointment, I was shocked to walk into such a nice establishment and on top of that, Cindy greeted me with such a warm smile, which made me instantly feel comfortable.

Now it had been about 2.5 months from my last Brazilian. Needless to say, all my hair was back and in full length/growth. I knew it was going to be a process and I was hoping Cindy was ready and good to handle the task at hand. After about an hour of sugaring and a soothing mud exfoliation afterwards, I was back to smooth skin. Cindy is great! She is so meticulous and she takes her time to make sure that not even one little hair remains! I LOVE THAT! BUT WAIT…WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS EVEN GREATER?

After 7 weeks (even though we scheduled a 5 week return), I had little to no hair growth (and I do mean little)!! I have been Brazilian sugaring now for 4 years and every time my hair has grown back in 4-5 weeks! Every time it comes back, but nope, not this time! Even Cindy thought I was exaggerating when I said my hair had barely grown back, until she saw it for herself. Trust me, the look on her face in amazement was priceless. We both laughed and were thrilled about the results!

Cindy is very sweet, knowledgeable, funny, meticulous, and the ultimate professional! I am overjoyed that I found her! And I am looking forward to probably not getting any of my hair back and with only 2 treatments with Cindy! Thanks Cindy!

~M. Harper